House Of Bats x BatBones

House Of Bats x BatBones

It's here! If you follow us or BatBones on social media you may have seen little teasers of our collaboration, and we're thrilled to announce it has landed! 

BatBones, aka Paige, is a truly lovely human being and we are so excited to be launching this collection. I met Paige at London Edge one year and we soon hit it off. I've been subscribed to her YouTube channel for a while (link below) and had often thought about collaborating with other creatives so when I started speaking with BatBones I knew we would be able to come up with something special.

As well as her YouTube channel, she is also a gamer, horror movie fanatic, artist, professional body piercer, creator of the ginormous facebook group Spooky Babes and co-owner of Eerie Touch (if you haven't heard of them - check them out at the link below, gorgeous gothic homewares!).

This collection has been in the works for the longest time (thanks Covid!) but it's been worth the wait. We've done some of our most complex work in these pieces but the results speak for themselves. Demon goat heads with red eyes? Bleeding skulls? Stay Spooky lettering with flying bats? Yes please!!!

You can check out the full collection here:


Hope you love it as much as we do!


Anna Bat x

BatBones links:


Instagram: @Batbones


Twitch: corpsegoblin

Eerie Touch: