Our New Clothing Range!

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Our New Clothing Range!

Greetings fellow bats!

I'm sure you're aware by now but we have launched our very first clothing range! It's taken a long time to get to this point, and we are really excited to finally have these products available.

House Of Bats Gothic Clothing

Adding clothing products has always been on the to-do list since we first started nearly 7 years ago. In fact, before I ever made jewellery I actually made clothes - either by customising my existing clothes or sometimes just making full garments from scratch! I'm not going to claim they were amazing, but they were certainly unique. I would spend hours sat at my mother's sewing machine as a teenager, tearing apart cheap clothes I had bought at the local market and fashioning them into post-apocalyptic punk/grunge/goth pieces that I would then wander around my village in scaring all the neighbours!

The House Of Bats clothing range isn't made by me sitting at my mother's sewing machine, but rather is made by actually skilled people in a quality control environment. Phew! If you know anything about House Of Bats you'll know that we pride ourselves on being 'one of the good guys' - refusing to put profit over ethics. This of course extends to our clothing range, so all of our clothing is vegan, is made using recycled materials where possible, any dyes used are environmentally friendly, and importantly there is no sweatshop or child labour involvement. 

Part of the reason it took us so long to launch our clothing was because we refused to back down on our values. The vast majority of printed clothing out there is made using sweatshops, and you often have to dig fairly deep to uncover the truth. We took our time and did our research, and are proud to say that our clothing is made to WRAP standards - that is, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. You can read more about WRAP here: www.wrap.org.uk.

Sizing is also important. I myself am a UK size 20, and the thought of launching a clothing range that I myself cannot fit into was just mortifying. An awful lot of ethical brands only run in smaller sizes. So again, it took a while to find manufacturing partners that could provide a larger size range, thankfully we did manage in the end to be able to provide clothing up to a UK 22. The size range we offer currently is far from where I want it to be, I certainly hope to be able to add larger sizes in the future, but currently I cannot do so without resorting to sweatshops which I am just not prepared to do. The only alternative would be to have each item custom made, which would make the products ludicrously expensive!

Our clothing is gender neutral, because frankly we believe that clothing has no gender! Sizes are provided in inches and in UK 'womens' sizes to enable you to choose the right size for you. Plus we also do kid's clothing, which is super exciting! 

We have launched with 3 different designs, available on a range of clothing products including kid's clothing! More designs are on the way, and as always we have more jewellery ranges in production too along with plans for home and gift wares! So if you haven't already signed up to our mailing list then there has never been a better time - plus there's 25% off your first order for email subscribers! The link is at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for supporting this small brand,


Anna Bat