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New Year, New Collection!

Happy new year bats! It’s the start of a new decade, and while others are looking to the future we are busy being inspired by the past with the launch of our Memento Mori collection.

The Memento Mori Collection
The Memento Mori Collection – modelled by Zoe Melissa Mae, photography by Black Star Photography

We’ve been working on this collection for the longest time, visiting cemeteries, attending lectures about victorian mourning culture and binge watching the Ask A Mortician series on YouTube (highly recommend you check it out!). The result is a collection we are really proud of, featuring tombstones, skeleton keys, a cemetery silhouette scene, cemetery gates, a memento mori plaque and – FINALLY – skulls!

Yes, after all this time House Of Bats finally has skulls! Honestly, the lack of skull products has been somewhat of a source of shame for us so we are thrilled to finally add such a gothic staple to our catalogue.

As always, we used 100% recycled acrylic, all our products are designed and made here in the UK, everything is vegan friendly and 10% of all profits go to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Plus, don’t forget that you can get 25% off your first order (including this latest collection) when you sign up to our mailing list!

Thank you all for all your support in 2019, keep following us on social media because we have so many plans for 2020 and would love to have you along for the ride x

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